Fees Structure of All India valuers Association RVO

S.no. Fee type Fee Details For Ordinary Members Fee Details For Registered Valuers
1 Membership Fee
Primary Membership Rs. 2000+18%GST NA
Enrolment fees NIL NA
2 50 Hours Mandatory education programme
Online Mode Rs.15000+18%GST NA
Classroom Mode Rs. 25000+ 18%GST NA
3 Annual Membership Fee
Annual Membership Rs.5000+18%GST Rs.9000+18%GST
4 Study Material/notes
5 Fee for shifting from other RVO
6 Fee for shifting to other RVO
Fee Rs.1000+18% GST Rs.1000+18% GST
7 Refresher courses/classes
AIVA Member Free for members already enrolled Rs.2500+18%GST
AIVA Non Member Rs.7500+18%GST Rs.5000+18%GST
8 Other Courses
Entry level certificate courses( for basic awarenes about valuation course & Profession) Rs.9000+18% GST
Crash course classes ( for appearing in online examination) Rs.7500+18 %GST
Certificate Of Practice (COP) Rs.2000+18 %GST
Continues Education Programme(CEP) Rs. 1000/day for 4 points
9 Fees for complaints/grievences
Fees for complaints/grievences Nil 1000/-+GST

Fees For Registered Valuer Entity

S.no. Fee type
1 One time admission fee
One time admission fee 20000+Gst
Annual Membership Fee 25000+Gst
Note: The above mentioned Fee structure is approved by Governing Board of All India Valuers Association
Registered Valuers Organisation and is subject to change.